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FIx for: The operation system cannot run %1

I have faced this error “The operation system cannot run %1” after two different upgrades from Windows 8.1 Enterprise to Windows 10 Enterprise.  This error was popping up in any Office application when clicking on a hyperlink. This was noticeable first in Outlook, Skype for Business and Excel as that is where I had the most hyperlinks.

I opened a Microsoft Case in August after the first upgrade causing this issue. I gave into Microsoft Support asking me to recreate my profile as we determined that this error didn’t show up after creating a new local profile.  These steps were beneficial so I am posting them as well. But for this exact issue….Read on as there is a better option.

  1. Reboot the computer to release any locks on the profile.
  2. Log on with an administrative account.
  3.  Navigate to the C:\Users\ folder
  4. Rename the user profile with the word “.old” at the end of it. Example: “username” becomes “username.old”
  5. Delete these two registry keys for that user: Open regedit.exe and navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList In the “Profile Image Path” value. Find the key that lists the user name. Note the last four digits of the value. Then delete it. Then navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\ProfileGuid Find and delete the key with the four digits from the last step.
  6. Reboot the computer again.
  7. Login with the users credentials. 8. Transfer data from the user’s old profile (username-old), into the user new profile (username) one folder at a time.

This past week I updated my last Windows 8.1 Production development machine to Windows 10. This error came back, and I wasn’t going to allow the answer for recreating the profile. I went ahead and reopened a Microsoft Case to try to get to the bottom of the issue, but was able to resolve it from digging into SysInternals Process Monitor.   If you do not know this tool, I would strongly recommend it as it is life saver troubleshooting tool to learn what your software is really doing behind the scenes.

I knew that it had to be failing loading iexplorer somewhere along the lines of opening hyper-links. I started to see several mentions to this path: “C:\ProgramData\App-V\9BD02EED-6C11-4FF0-8A3E-0B4733EE86A1\6A0357B5-AB99-4856-8A59-CF2C38579E78\Root\VFS\System\ieframe.dll”

This path did not exist. Grabbing the App-V container to search on this I finally came across a tell tale article that echoed my issue.

This connect article never showed up in my previous tedious searching the internet for the exact message of “The operation system cannot run %1”.

The article said to replace all the exact same App-V paths I saw in Process Monitor to the  “C:\windows\system32\ieframe.dll” in the registry.

As always I would recommend backing up your registry prior to making any changes. But once this is changed without a reboot Windows 10 started working with my hyper-links as expected.

Learn SysInternals Tools, they are life savers!

Link to Process Monitor

TaylorMade myRound Pro is a wonderful free app

With the Microsoft Band’s new free TaylorMade’s golf app the data is now available in the TalyorMade  MyRound Pro page. All the data that you have been capturing with your band now becomes visible with more stats than you can absorb.

The site will list all the rounds that you have recorded on the Band.

The site now allows you to also delete rounds that weren’t completed or too bad to share…

Below was a good round for me. The page shows color codes of your birdies, pars and bogeys.


Click on the hole to review and it will give you the overview of the shots that were recorded on the course. You see the ball position from each shot taken.


Click on the green and it will remind you to zoom in to see your putts. The pin position can be moved to be where it was located for that day. This is recommended to be moved to improve the stats shown below.


The green view will show you the distance to the hole. I still need to figure out how to move the pin. This might need to be done before the round is marked “Completed”?

The stats tab on the left side will bring all this data to life. I will need to start carrying my own “book” around for reminders to aim left as I miss right too often. As well as to club up more on my approach shots as I was short a high percentage of the time. How powerful is this data if I can really utilize it!

The only thing that might not be 100% correct is the putts average. I need to determine if I added strokes manually to a hole if they are counting them all as puts. I am not great at golf, but that seems a bit high even for me.


Click into each section to further analyze your data. For example here is more information on my approach shots.



This data is wonderful to have. I had no idea that I missed right as much as this shows. I was usually always worried about missing long on some holes, but I should club up more and see if this improves the stats.  It is fun to compare against the pros just to reinsure that I do need to keep my day job! There is options to add in each of your clubs by brand name, shaft stiffness, loft, length and more. I am sure this will add into the stats I learn more about the software. But from what I have seen so far this is a must for any serious golfer that wants to improve. Just get the Microsoft Band and the rest is free.

Microsoft Band 2 – Three weeks and it going back to the store

I enjoyed trying out the Microsoft Band 2 for three weeks. The wrist bands on the band are much more flexible and not rigid. The face curves around your wrist and feels like it is really like a watch band. The band was noticeably wider to me and a large in the Microsoft Band 1 version is just a bit smaller than the Microsoft Band 2. The Band 2 was almost too large for me. The clasp is similar where it can glide over to a comfortable fit. I am impartial to the new clasp and charging mechanism. I was fine with the older clasp and never had an issue charging the device.


I prefer wearing the device on the inside of my wrist. Neither device bothered me while I type on the keyboard at a desktop or laptop. A watch always drove me nuts and could never wear one.  The Microsoft Band changed that for me.







Here are my top Pro’s and Con’s for the devices. They were so similar to me there are only a few noticeable differences.

Pro’s – It is wider which meant that it was easier to read. The floors was fun to really see how many flights I went up a day. We were on vacation on without an elevator and that added up pretty quickly.


The buttons on the band are easier to use than the Band 1. The touch of sliding items to dismiss or accept messages seemed a bit different and harder to swipe over. But I didn’t have very many false swipes like I had on the Band 1. I did not have a screen protector on the Band 2 so maybe that was some of the difference in feel. The heart rate sensor changed in design and it is noticeably different with 2 probes that stick out. It seemed that the device locked in the heart beat a bit faster.


Con’s – The band didn’t hold a charge for more than 12 hours for me.  The band seemed brighter even on low which might be some of the cause for the drain on the battery. I used the watch mode ON for both bands and it really seemed like this new Band 2 can’t last as long.  Besides the floors feature I didn’t see the benefit of really moving to this device. The heartbeat and other sensors seemed to be the same to me and not worth the $250 to really keep up with the device. If the band lasted more than 1 day it might be worth keeping. But the #1 killer for returning the band was the curved glass was unreadable in the sun. The main thing I like using the band for was for playing golf. Not seeing the band for yardage killed it for me.

I hadn’t worn the Band 1 for 3 weeks now and I just put it back on and it actually feels really nice. it feels a bit lighter than the Band 2 and the slimness is noticeable.  Target just had the Band 1 on sale for $59 on Clearance for Black Friday, what a steal. Pick one up if you are in the market for a fitness band that does more than a Fitbit and at this point in time much cheaper.


Microsoft Band with TalyorMade Golf App

Love this new app from TaylorMade and Microsoft for so many reasons. First it is free, just another bonus to having the Microsoft Band! Second it tracks your stokes for you and doesn’t get confused with your practice swings. I did have to add a stroke for 1 putt, and a stroke for out of bounds…

V__B74A  wp_ss_20150709_0003

Other times it even caught my putting strokes. It moves to the next hole automatically. We even started on hole 3 and it figured that out and started perfectly. I am getting used to the buttons to determine if I need to go back a hole, but I haven’t figured out yet a good way to review all the holes before submitting the score.

The app collects where your longest drives distance, as well as your heart rate during the round, calories burned, steps and the time you spent for each hole.

The longest drive shown below is pretty believable as the course I was playing just suffered from a 3 week monsoon rain fall and the balls were not rolling at all. It will be fun to compare this later in the year when it will roll another 20-40 yards.


The app synced perfectly to my phone to review your round as well as the Microsoft Band dashboard:

I wore the watch all day after charging it the night before and it did not seem to affect the battery live much at all which is great as well.

It will be interesting to see the TaylorMade MyRound Pro when it is released to see what kind of data it provides.

Watch the demo! Microsoft Band – TaylorMade Golf App

Or check out the Microsoft Page showing all the features:

Angry Birds Star Wars Achievements – how to backup/restore

I know a pretty interesting topic tag line. But after my children have spent millions of hours on Angry Birds Star Wars for some reason one of the Windows 8.1 apps lost all of the achievements.  The game had all of the areas locked as if it wasn’t played before.

Luckily, I found the location that the data was stored and from another device I was able to restore most of the settings unlocking most of the levels vs. starting from scratch.

C:\Users\PROFILENAME\AppData\Local\Packages\1ED5AE A5.AngryBirdsBlack_p2gbknwb5d8r2\LocalState

Files to backup are: “bi_data.lua”, “highscores.lua” and “settings.lua”

Replacing the files in the same location on the other Windows 8 computer successfully restored the achievements.

Be proactive and backup this location regularly to make sure you keep these settings safe.

Angry Birds Star Wars


Pimp My Band – Windows Band Background Tool

Just discovered the Pimp My Band app for Windows Phone to change the background image of the Windows Band. The app offers a fully functional trial, or otherwise is .99. Many are asking where the SDK is for the Band and devs are wondering how someone created this app. Did they sniff the API’s directly or have some inside info?

wp_ss_20141212_0006   wp_ss_20141212_0001

wp_ss_20141212_0003   wp_ss_20141212_0005

What a great way to add some style to your band! Add a picture of your family or a recent trip.

I continue to like my band for the combination of a smart watch and exercise band. But now with my band Pimp’d out it is even more stylish.

Windows 10 – 9879 loaded over after error 0x80248014

Recently Microsoft released the new Windows 10 9879 technical preview. I went to my test machine for Windows 10’s PC settings and changed the setting to receive FAST builds. When I checked for the download I received the error, “Failed to check for new preview build, please try again later.  0x80248014“.

It appears the update wanted to be loaded over Ethernet. Some blogs showed that if you bind the Wireless Card with the Ethernet this might bypass the issue, while others found a registry fix in case they had loaded the MediaCenter add-on.

Plugging in to an Ethernet connection did fix my issue and the release loaded as planned.

Does Nokia Wallet Now work on A&T with a Secure SIM? Doesn’t look like it.


After I have determined that SoftCard will not work on my Windows Developer Lumia 920 device. I am wondering if the Nokia Wallet option will work?

The NFC settings are allowing me to go to tap to pay, I don’t recall if that was disabled before.


One quick way to determine this. If SoftCard is supposed to work at McDonalds there is just one around the corner, so I went to try it out.  The NFC is usually pretty fast on the Lumia 920 so after trying a couple different ways to tap the NFC area nothing seemed to be working.


 If anyone has had success doing this with a Lumia 920 with Nokia Wallet please let me know.


SoftCard doesn’t appear to work with unlocked phones

I stopped by an AT&T location today to get my secure SIM card. That part went perfect the AT&T rep was wonderful to work with. This new SIM card also got me passed the first step of installing the application bypassing the warning that I didn’t have a secure SIM.

The next step was that it said that I didn’t have an internet connection when accepting the Terms and conditions. I uninstalled and reinstalled SoftCard, this bypassed that error and I was able to try to create a username and password. The next step is to set a PIN number after confirming the PIN Number I receive the error that my phone is not compatible with SoftCard.

I contacted AT&T and the transferred me to SoftCard Support. The Direct Number is 855-273-9150. This is an unlisted number so keep this one handy.

I contacted SoftCard and after going through several things they asked if my phone is unlocked. I have the Windows Phone Lumia 920 Developer Kit phone from BUILD conference. This phone I believe was unlocked and has multiple radios in it for other countries.

The only other gotcha could be that I also have the development preview loaded for the Microsoft Heath Band loaded. They said their software is written for specific versions of the software. So it would be to hear if anyone else has this working on the latest Dev preview on a locked phone.

It would also be good to hear if Android users have this working on an unlocked device too.

I called back tonight to AT&T and reached a knowledgeable person about all the troubleshooting steps. She said I need to uninstall and install on Cellular only, Check the NFC option under settings to make sure they are on and retry. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

So it looks like I am stuck until I upgrade soon to the next Windows Phone.

.wp_ss_20141106_0002   wp_ss_20141106_0003



I called AT&T back one last time to verify the SIM was correct. Looks like it was so my phone wont work out. Darn.



“The ATT tech support said that only the sim card with the gray blob on it is the right one…to be sure…check the SKU number for the sim they give you.

“4682B” or “4681B”.



Microsoft Band – Day 3


I  wore a Omron pedometer today to compare the step count between it and the Microsoft Band. The difference was 250 steps for the entire day.  I am not sure how the Microsoft Band determines your step stride length. This could be the difference across 5000 steps throughout the work day.

The sleep app is seeping pretty accurate knowing how bad I have slept recently. But it is also pretty neat to see the lowest resting heart beat at 55bpm.

wp_ss_20141105_0002              wp_ss_20141105_0003

Microsoft Band heart rate sampling frequency

  • Exercise modes (Run and Workout): Heart rate records every second
  • Sleep tracking : 2 minutes on, 8 minutes off. Repeats throughout duration
  • All other times : 1 minute on, 9 minutes off, and repeating the cycle
  • Manual: You can force-check your heart rate at any time by tapping the Me Tile

When the Microsoft Band is just being worn under regular conditions, users can expect ten-minute intervals for heart rate data collection, which is six data points an hour. During sleep, the heart rate monitor is working slightly harder, taking a longer periodic sample.

Finally, during exercise when the user puts the Band into Workout or Run, the Band goes into a high-performance mode collecting a user’s heart rate once every second.