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Microsoft Band with TalyorMade Golf App

Love this new app from TaylorMade and Microsoft for so many reasons. First it is free, just another bonus to having the Microsoft Band! Second it tracks your stokes for you and doesn’t get confused with your practice swings. I did have to add a stroke for 1 putt, and a stroke for out of bounds…

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Other times it even caught my putting strokes. It moves to the next hole automatically. We even started on hole 3 and it figured that out and started perfectly. I am getting used to the buttons to determine if I need to go back a hole, but I haven’t figured out yet a good way to review all the holes before submitting the score.

The app collects where your longest drives distance, as well as your heart rate during the round, calories burned, steps and the time you spent for each hole.

The longest drive shown below is pretty believable as the course I was playing just suffered from a 3 week monsoon rain fall and the balls were not rolling at all. It will be fun to compare this later in the year when it will roll another 20-40 yards.


The app synced perfectly to my phone to review your round as well as the Microsoft Band dashboard: http://dashboard.microsofthealth.com

I wore the watch all day after charging it the night before and it did not seem to affect the battery live much at all which is great as well.

It will be interesting to see the TaylorMade MyRound Pro when it is released to see what kind of data it provides.

Watch the demo! Microsoft Band – TaylorMade Golf App

Or check out the Microsoft Page showing all the features: http://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-band/en-us/golf