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iMagnet – The best mount for your phone

I have purchased two of the iMagnet devices for both of our cars and it is a wonderful device. You don’t have to worry about a clamp mount that is form fit to your phone, doesn’t fit with a case,  and worry about the clamp breaking over time. There is no clamp with the iMagnet. It is a strong magnet on a uniquely designed strong suction cup that will stay where you stick it. The iMagnet has a pivot point 17mm ball that can be tightened to  the perfect position. The suction cup has a nice stickiness to it that wont leave marks on your car and has a nice lever bar to make a solid connection to ensure it stays put.

Check out their site at

You insert a small disc in between your case and your phone and the iMagnet is strong enough to hold your device in place without falling. Other options allow for using a the 3M sticker to go right to the back of your phone as well.


iMagnet on dash


On a Buick Enclave there is literally no room to mount the iMagnet do to the curved dafshboard. I had to come up with another option. I found a device on Amazon that fits flat in the cup holder allowing the iMagnet to sit flat.

Amazon Link

Universal Vehicle Cup Holder Mount Adapter w/ 3.5" 90mm Suction Mount Surface & Adjustable Base for All Standard Suction Mount such as Arkon ChargerCity Garmin Nuvi Magellan Roadmate TomTom XL XXL VIA Go Start GPS mounts & more to hold Smartphones (iphone Plus, Galaxy S5 Note, Nexus 4 5 6, HTC ONE Droid Moto X)/ Tablets / Radar Detectors / MP3 Players & more (Use conjointly with your existing suction mount) *Free ChargerCity Micro SD Card Reader included*


I have the Lumia 1520 and this massive phone stays put on the iMagnet. Smaller devices are even a more secure fit, like the Lumia 520 snap on and don’t move at all. It is so easy to just snap your phone onto the iMagnet and grab-n-go vs. messing with ensuring that the device is snug in another type of mount.


WP_20150115_12_16_00_Pro    WP_20150115_12_15_13_Pro

This device has other great reviews on Amazon. One mentioned a smaller device for an iPhone but it didn’t have the locking pivot and was just like a ball-bearing device with a 3M sticker on it. It couldn’t hold the weigh of the Lumia 1520, so it was returned quickly for a second iMagnet.

Up Next, when it warms up,  I’ll review the iMagnet in the golf cart for a round a golf.

Nokia 1520 and SoftCard – Successful!!!

I upgraded to the Nokia 1520 on AT&T after finding out that my Windows Phone Lumia 920 I received at the Microsoft Build Conference would not work due to being unlocked.

I went to AT&T to upgrade my SIM card and that went very smooth. I think it must take some time or I needed to turn off WiFi to actually get the network to realize that I had a new SecureSim as the first time I went to the MS app store the SoftCard app wasn’t there and when I did a Cortona search for the app it loaded and said that my phone wasn’t supported. I left the area and tried again and it worked fine…Phew!

During the installation you choose a PIN code and then you can create a soft card account and create an American Express Serve account to use with the card.

wp_ss_20141111_0005   wp_ss_20141111_0008

wp_ss_20141111_0009    wp_ss_20141124_0001

After using the card I was able to log into the SoftCard web site and see my transactions and noticed that SoftCard gave me a $1 back on each of my purchases so far so that is pretty neat!

Other stores like ToyR’Us have promotions inside the app that give you specials like $5 off when using the card. That will come handy this Black Friday!

I have used the card at my Local MC Donald’s and Subway. There are supposedly some other coke machines in the area that also have NFC ready.

So far so good, if SoftCard continues to give money back why wouldn’t you want to use it?