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Microsoft Band – Ordered and ready to give it a whirl


Microsoft Band

Pretty excited about the new Microsoft Band fitness #Band. It really looks like a nice combination of features. It will be great to see if I can make it 48 hours on the one charge! Having the option to quickly look at inbound emails as well as text during the day will be very nice. In daily standups it will be less noticeable than pulling my phone out of my pockets to ensure I didn’t miss an important call or email.

The integration with Cortona playing music, replying to text or just adding a reminder will be nice as well. Obviously I have a Windows Phone (Lumia 920) to take advantage of the Cortana features.

I am really hoping this will also help kickstart me into becoming more active as it will be in my face showing me otherwise.

The Starbucks option looks quite impressive in theory and will be fun to test it out in person, but I could see this as Microsoft’s Wallet approach to competing with Apple Pay if more stores would accept this payment option.

I ordered the size Large based off the Microsoft PDF that was posted here:

The heartbeat option looks very neat as well vs. having to wear a heart band around your chest like Polar requires typically.

It will be great to see how this will work out on an elliptical machine or used while golfing track calories.

I am also curious how this will work in the car if my phone is paired with my car stereo/Bluetooth?

I don’t think it will be fair to really comment much more until I get it on for a few days and see how it performs. Will wearable’s be the next thing to be outlawed to use while driving?

But overall I like what I see and most of all I love how Microsoft shocked the world about it and delivered so quickly!

This is the best unboxing video I have seen on WPCentral.