iMagnet – The best mount for your phone

I have purchased two of the iMagnet devices for both of our cars and it is a wonderful device. You don’t have to worry about a clamp mount that is form fit to your phone, doesn’t fit with a case,  and worry about the clamp breaking over time. There is no clamp with the iMagnet. It is a strong magnet on a uniquely designed strong suction cup that will stay where you stick it. The iMagnet has a pivot point 17mm ball that can be tightened to  the perfect position. The suction cup has a nice stickiness to it that wont leave marks on your car and has a nice lever bar to make a solid connection to ensure it stays put.

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You insert a small disc in between your case and your phone and the iMagnet is strong enough to hold your device in place without falling. Other options allow for using a the 3M sticker to go right to the back of your phone as well.


iMagnet on dash


On a Buick Enclave there is literally no room to mount the iMagnet do to the curved dafshboard. I had to come up with another option. I found a device on Amazon that fits flat in the cup holder allowing the iMagnet to sit flat.

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Universal Vehicle Cup Holder Mount Adapter w/ 3.5" 90mm Suction Mount Surface & Adjustable Base for All Standard Suction Mount such as Arkon ChargerCity Garmin Nuvi Magellan Roadmate TomTom XL XXL VIA Go Start GPS mounts & more to hold Smartphones (iphone Plus, Galaxy S5 Note, Nexus 4 5 6, HTC ONE Droid Moto X)/ Tablets / Radar Detectors / MP3 Players & more (Use conjointly with your existing suction mount) *Free ChargerCity Micro SD Card Reader included*


I have the Lumia 1520 and this massive phone stays put on the iMagnet. Smaller devices are even a more secure fit, like the Lumia 520 snap on and don’t move at all. It is so easy to just snap your phone onto the iMagnet and grab-n-go vs. messing with ensuring that the device is snug in another type of mount.


WP_20150115_12_16_00_Pro    WP_20150115_12_15_13_Pro

This device has other great reviews on Amazon. One mentioned a smaller device for an iPhone but it didn’t have the locking pivot and was just like a ball-bearing device with a 3M sticker on it. It couldn’t hold the weigh of the Lumia 1520, so it was returned quickly for a second iMagnet.

Up Next, when it warms up,  I’ll review the iMagnet in the golf cart for a round a golf.