Microsoft Band – Day 3


I  wore a Omron pedometer today to compare the step count between it and the Microsoft Band. The difference was 250 steps for the entire day.  I am not sure how the Microsoft Band determines your step stride length. This could be the difference across 5000 steps throughout the work day.

The sleep app is seeping pretty accurate knowing how bad I have slept recently. But it is also pretty neat to see the lowest resting heart beat at 55bpm.

wp_ss_20141105_0002              wp_ss_20141105_0003

Microsoft Band heart rate sampling frequency

  • Exercise modes (Run and Workout): Heart rate records every second
  • Sleep tracking : 2 minutes on, 8 minutes off. Repeats throughout duration
  • All other times : 1 minute on, 9 minutes off, and repeating the cycle
  • Manual: You can force-check your heart rate at any time by tapping the Me Tile

When the Microsoft Band is just being worn under regular conditions, users can expect ten-minute intervals for heart rate data collection, which is six data points an hour. During sleep, the heart rate monitor is working slightly harder, taking a longer periodic sample.

Finally, during exercise when the user puts the Band into Workout or Run, the Band goes into a high-performance mode collecting a user’s heart rate once every second.



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